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I have been a photographer much of my life.  I started in the mid 1990's when digital was not readily available.  I started with film and have spent many years working with film only and learning the core of photography (exposure, composition, focus, etc).  I still love film, and love shooting with film as well, there are some projects that just lend themselves to film better than digital as well as some cameras that just work better and are only film not digital.

Coming from the film days I'm always striving to obtain the most technically correct images possible (good focus, exposure, etc).  My goal is to get the image right in the camera, and not use the crutch of digital photography to "fix" my mistakes on the computer.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to shooting images.  I always work to get things right as if I'm shooting film and have no other choice.

I shoot with a professional grade camera and lenses.  I have a full compliment of location and studio lighting equipment to meet the needs of any shoot and am not limited to the constraints of natural light.

I am open to trying new things and working with you to get the shot you want.  I present customers with all of their images (excluding test shots)  I don't set out to do sessions with time or image limits as much as to capture what needs to be captured.

I have a vast experience in photography with everything from Landscape, to Sports and Action Photography as well as Weddings and Portraits.

I put a lot of energy into my photography and take it very seriously, though I'm not above having some fun, or climbing a tree to get a shot.

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